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Mission Not Impossible

Our Healthcare mission is looking for equipment categories that can impact Liberian people the most. These items can be from overstock, used but in working order, disposable or single-use equipment and supplies, etc. Unfortunately, we can't accept broken equipment as we cannot perform significant repairs due to the lack of parts and technical resources. We will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. 


How do we get it there?

Logistics continues to be one of the significant challenges. We periodically load shipping containers and coordinate receiving on the other end. Our partners are physically there on arrival and immediately coordinate the appropriate facility for distribution. It does require funding for shipment and careful coordination upon arrival. Hope Foundation Liberia plays a part in every step of this process, ensuring the resources reach the people. 


We are grateful that you are considering helping the people of Liberia. There are many ways to participate, as the need is great. As you read this, the next shipping container is being coordinated for delivery. All of our work is voluntary, and any equipment will go directly to the people of Liberia. 

"Blessed is the one who considers the poor: The LORD will deliver him in time of trouble." PSALM 41:1-3

What do we need?

Here is reference list of needed medical equipment and supplies, however it is only for reference! We are more than happy to consider all useful equipment and supplies!

  • Hospital Beds 

  • Hospital Mattresses

  • Wheelchairs

  • Blood Pressure machines (manual and electric)

  • Exam / Birthing Tables

  • I.V. Poles

  • Wound Care Supplies

  • Enteral Nutrition

  • Stethoscopes

  • Diabetic Testing Machines and Supplies

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