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The Mission


A 14 year civil war, followed by the Ebola epidemic, had devastating effects on the country of Liberia. As government money was put to other uses, education took a backseat.


Currently, there is no Kindergarten education available to children whose parents or guardians cannot afford to pay the school fees. 


The mission at Hope Foundation Liberia is to give these children a safe place to learn, eat, and worship so that they are prepared for the next step in their education.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can help:

Lend Your Knowledge

Have you taught at a Montessori School? Do you have experience with farming in third world countries? Reach out, we would love your insight!


Make a life changing donation.

Tell Your Friends

A good cause like this is hard to find. Let your friends know about our work at Hope Foundation Liberia so they can participate as well!

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