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The School


The curriculum at Hope Foundation Liberia delivers an education that is more diverse than just reading and writing. Our teachers cover topics including etiquette, agriculture, philanthropy, and trusting in God. These practices ensure the children are taught in a way that touches their mind, body, and soul. 

Welcome to Amazing Grace Academy!

We believe all children can embrace who they are,
change their future, and have a better life.

Our Progress

  • Successfully transitioned from a temporary school to a permanent facility! (In the slideshow to the right is the first school house)

  • Increased the number of students from 35 to 160 within one school year.

  • We are currently feeding the children twice a day for free!

  • Due to generous donations, children who once had to walk three miles to school are now able to be picked by either a 12 passenger van which or a yellow school bus.

Our Mission

Our Goals

  • With our increase in students came a dire need for a larger school. The school houses six classrooms, an office, bathrooms, and storage room. The school will also feature a large auditorium big enough for assembly and non-denominational Sunday church services.

  • Sick children struggle to learn. One of the best ways to prevent disease is by having clean drinking water available. A new well was built to bring clean drinking water to the entire community. Our next step is to implement a filtration system.

  • Sustainability is our priority. Through agriculture, Hope Foundation Liberia will give the school a way to fund itself and continue operations indefinitely. The children will learn how to take care of and breed animals and incorporate mechanized farming practices.

  • To rouse support in clothing drives for  preschool age children so that we may continue to clothe incoming students.

The Orignal School House

We Need Your Support Today!

Amazing Grace Academy Now

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