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School Construction

The schools construction began with acquiring and clearing the land. We faced new challenges while trying to develop an architectural plan that would fit the needs of our children and staff. We moved on to the scquisition of raw materials and assembly of small building teams. Construction began from the ground up and eventually ended with laying the tiles on the inside and painting the exterior.

Meal Program

We provide food for the children twice daily. This program includeds a review of daily menu, weekly trips to the market to acquire food, and hiring cooks. Acquisition of utensils, plates, pots, pans and glasses sufficient to feed 160 children. Our newest contribution is cafeteria tables large enough to fit the entire school!

Clean Water 

Our clean water initiative was to find the best location to drill the well, which included construction of the water tower at the right height to ensure sufficient water pressure. Placement of the water tank itself (a 500 gallon tank) and to ensure adequate measures are taken to uphold the waters quality and safety. 

Staffing & Curriculum 

Finding the right staff anf chosing the right curriculum was high priority for the school. Staff undwewent interviews, background checks, and proof of teaching certificates was mandatory. We met with the head of the Ministry of Education in Monrovia to review the requirements and ensure we had a solid foundation for our teachers and students.

Indoor and Outdoor Bathrooms

We started off with a working outdoor toilet which required a review off water pressure and septic requirements in order to build it. Water pressure had to be sufficient to flush the toilet and operate the sinks. We then moved on to inside toilets which required a separate septic systems and again to ensure that the water pressure would meet its requirements. 

Fixtures & Furniture

Through the help of generous donations and time well spent searching we have enough desks, chairs (over 200) for the entire school as well as cafeteria tables (seating 172), white boards, computers for administration, teachers desk, lecterns, and a stocked library. 


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